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Hear what Participants from 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training has to say about the Class

"It was really an enlightening experience. The way kathleen explained the concepts and gradually took us to the mock sessions was wonderful. I have cherished all the time I have spent with the class.

Thankful to MediateGuru for this lovely opportunity."

Dr. Ashu Dhiman,

Assistant Professor,


This training is everything and so much more than I was both looking for and envisioned, it is exceptional in every way. I was looking for and envisioned a refresher and reinforcement of essential mediation skills with an enhanced practical component. It provided a significantly enhanced practical component, with exceptional engagement of soft skills and other critical skills for communication in an international online environment of genuine collaboration and care. Thank you, Kathleen Ruane Leedy, MediateGuru and colleagues!

Ms. Susan Andrews,

Mediator, Negotiator, Attorney,

Andrews Dispute Resolution, United States

"This training has been really sometihng extraordinary in my life. No only in terms of learning new skills, which I certainly did, but also in a human bondind way. I think all mediators, should have the oportunity to have this 40 hours with Kathleen, she is an AMAZING person! I feel honored for being part of this priviledged group of people."

Ms. Ximena Regúlez,


MEF, Chile

"The 40hr mediation training was one of the best thing i came across and it was just so wonderful. i am really grateful to mediateguru for organising this training session with the lovely mentor Ms. Kathleen"

Mr. Pallav Bhargav,

Law Student,

Army Law College, Pune

"This training has increadibly enhanced my practical skills, allowing me to grow as a mediator on multiple levels, gaining confidence thanks to useful exercises, team building through co-mediation, emotions handling through great improv drills. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone willing to become a mediator: you will deep dive into the practice and come out as a new individual, not only as a new professional. Thanks to the diversity brought to this class by my colleagues. Thank you Kathleen for putting 100% of yourself into this training, I never experienced anything like that in my life."

Ms. Federica Simonelli,


University of Trento School of Law, Italy

"I am certain that this training is not provided anywhere else on the planet. I tackles all the possible scenarios a mediator will face in his/her career in a very open and honest and real way. It gets the best out of you, it challenges you in every way and forces you out of your comfort zone, it pushes you to test your limits, to make mistakes and learn to correct them, without hurting you or pointing any finger towards your weak points. I had the chance to learn from the most Brilliant Woman, the Genius Mediator, the one of a kind,... the indescribable insatiable Kathleen, as well as from a diversity of talented educated loving people. An experience I would recommend to everyone, and would repeat a hundred times again. Thank you for this!"

Ms. Maria Bader,


Lebanese University, Lebanon

"This Mediation training has given me the confidence to practice the skills learnt while at the training. It has empowered me to be independent having engaged or thought on the practical requirement of the process, I have learnt from my group and other have learnt from me too."

Ms. Abiodun Kudirat Adesanya

Business Owner-CEO,

Ramis-Ark Global Ltd, United Kingdom

"It is my first step in mediation, i've always admired Kathleen, attended her webinars at MediateGuru and search for her interviews on youtube. This training was exactly what i expected and even better regarding the practical aspect. Thank you!"

Ms. Zeina Sobh



(Glimpse of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training)

"This experience is priceless. I didn't think I could stay up all night. Kathleen made that easy. Good stories, good examples, good dialogue. A truly well structured class."

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"I enjoyed learning about actual real life experiences on the mediation table, and also to learn more about the psychological aspects of dealing with different types of people, and circumstances. Thank you very much."

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"The class today, just an amazing world on its own, learnt a lot. the improv session was a growing point in todays class. a wonderful experience"

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"I loved the diversity, all my colleagues ideas and that I had the chance to actually practice some of the skills i have learned. i am looking forward for more practice and tests to get to know more my weak and strength points.
I definitely would like to hear more of Ms. Kathleen's experience because she is a genius!"

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"It has been an amazing exercise, it has motivated me to know what is expected as a mediator and what we should avoid which facilitating the process most importantly ensuring clarity within the parties within the process. Thank you Kathleen and it has been a pleasure working with everyone in this group."

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

I am really happy to be a part of this team....Learned a lot in these two days... looking forward to have more labs and activities. Application based approach is the best part of this session.

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

Growth moments was role-playing, which helped me realize what parties appreciate and feel and what I want to include in my mediation as a mediator! I learned that I need to be braver in interrupting people when talking and more steady in managing my table

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

Growth moment as a mediator was about listening, talking, thinking and taking notes in another language different from my own. Also as a party, I felt really good by being listened in an accurate way by the mediator. Highlight was the great new mediators I observed, they did an impressive work. Congrats!!

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"I enjoyed everything, I am wondering about learning even more, want more of learning all this and less of nothing."

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"I enjoyed the fruitful exchanges among us"

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

"I am enyoing a lot!!! Love your stories and your examples Kathleen!"

Participant of 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

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