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About the Competition

The International Mediation Competition is a unique opportunity for students to learn and practice mediation and negotiation skills through the role-playing of a mediation problem drafted by experienced mediators and practitioners. The competition convenes students and distinguished ADR professionals from around the globe providing exceptional networking opportunities.

The 2024 Virtual International Mediation Competition will undertake teams from various different nations and top universities of the world.

(1st Edition of VIMC)

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Words of Wisdom from our Advisors, Mediation Experts and Alumni's of previous editions of VIMC

"Participating in a mediation competition makes you develop the skills like effective listening, communication, finding commercially viable solutions, teamwork, understanding human psychology etc"

Dr. Ashu Dhiman (Chief Advisor, MediateGuru)

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Dates to Remember

for 4th VIMC'24

  • Exclusive Launch: Dec 1st, 2023

  • Opening of Provisional Registration: Dec 5th, 2023

  • General Worldwide Launch: Dec 7th, 2023

  • Last Date of Registration: March 8th, 2024

  • Launching of General Information: March 12th, 2024

  • Training Session: 14th March 2024

  • Preliminary Round 1: 15th March 2024

  • Preliminary Round 2: 16th March 2024

  • Semi Finals: 17th March 2024

  • Finals: 17th March 2024

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Application Process

  • The Organizing Committee will communicate the acceptance of the provisional registration and e-mail the Registration and Payment Form along with the necessary bank details for the completion of registration formalities.

  • The Organizing Committee shall send a confirmation of participation email after verifying the entire process as enlisted under the aforementioned clauses.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to sign up, students must be registered as full time or part time law students in the academic year of 2022-2023. Students who graduated in 2022, before the competition but no longer than 6 months prior to the commencement of competition are still eligible to participate.

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Composition of Team

  • A Team shall comprise of 3 participants viz, Client, Counsel and Mediator (in case of 2 participant in a team - one participant will be Mediator and one will assume the role of Advocate - as representing the interest of his/her client)

  • The Participants may change their roles within their Team only after the prior intimation and approval of the Organizing Committee.

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